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Venture Capitalists; Sovereign Wealth Funds; Private Equity & Hedge Funds; High Net Worth & Angel Investors; Film Investors & Lenders and Bankers globally will participate at the International Conference on Film Finance on 27th April 2012 at Mumbai, India.... Read More


Generally there are three types of organised or institutional venture capital funds: venture capital funds set up by angel investors, that is, high net worth individual investors; venture capital subsidiaries of corporations and private venture capital firms/ funds. Venture capital subsidiaries are established by major corporations, commercial bank holding companies and other financial institutions.

Venture funds in India can be classified on the basis of the type of promoters

Financial institutions: led by ICICI ventures, RCTC, ILFS, etc.

Private venture funds: like Indus, etc.

Regional funds : Warburg Pincus, JF Electra (mostly operating out of Hong Kong).

Regional funds dedicated to India: Draper, Walden, etc.

Offshore funds :Barings, TCW, HSBC, etc.

Corporate ventures :venture capital subsidiaries of corporations

Angels: high net worth individual investors

Merchant bankers and NBFCs : who specialize in "bought out" deals also fund companies.

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