We have rationalised the fee structure and now all members will be required to pay fees alike. Further the fee has been reduced by nearly 50% for Limited Period. Now Club membership is open to all bankers & finance professionals worldwide.

Q1. Can my Club fees paid or reimbursed by my bank /company ?

Your Club fee payments can also be made by your bank or company. You can also claim reimbursement of club fee from your bank/company against your entertainment allowance depending on the internal policies.

Q2.What are the offline benefits?

Ans - a) Opportunity to participate at exclusive member networking meets organized by Bankers Club chapters (proposed) at Mumbai and various major cities.

b) Opportunity to publish articles on India's top Banking & Finance portal www.BanknetIndia.com and get them promoted by 3,00,000 + Network including Banknet News App.

c) Opportunity to contribute articles in special publications powered by Banknet

Q3 Who are eligible to become members?

Ans- Now it is open to all bankers & finance professionals worldwide. We have also opened the membership on selective basis to professionals from other Industry verticals like Information Technology, FMCG, Retail, Infrastructure etc.

Q4 Will there be any other benefits ?

Ans- Special discounts for club members for Banknet & Partner publications, conferences, seminars, workshops, courses, certifications & online shopping etc

Q5 What will be the content ?

Ans- Today with the deluge of information & sources it is not possible for anyone to keep up with it. We will provide relevant news for you across the industry. In addition specialised articles, opportunities, expert views/tips & video content will be made available to the members. Club members will also be sharing relevant content.

Q6 How you will ensure that the members & discussions are relevant?

Ans- We are ensuring that only the relevant people join the club. Presently rejection rate of the applications for club membership is more than 20%.

We will closely moderate the groups to ensure that the discussions are active and relevant.

Q6 Will retired professionals be eligible for membership ?

Ans- Yes retired bankers are eligible to apply for the membership

For any other query contact us at club@ banknetindia.com

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