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Unlike many sports, golf is played, for the most part, without the supervision of a referee or umpire. The game relies on the individual to show consideration for other players and to abide by the Rules. Etiquette covers both Courtesy and Priority on the Golf Course.

Don't move, talk or stand close to or directly behind a player making a stroke.
Don't play until the group in front is out of the way.
Always play without delay. Leave the putting green as soon as all players in your group have holed out.
Invite faster groups to play through.
Smooth out footprints in bunkers.
Don't step on the line of another's putt.
Don't drop clubs on a putting green.
Replace the flagstick carefully in an upright position.
Players should carefully repair any damage to the putting green made.
Leave the course in the condition in which you'd like to find it.

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