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Golf is an up-market, upbeat game reserved for the movers and shakers of the corporate world. Major deals , career moves are decided on the course. Golf is the most coveted of games in the business circles. Top professionals line up to join the golf clubs, while some fly to other countries to play a game of golf. Due to cororate support, Golf has become the Top money spinner. Tiger Woods is presently the richest sports-person in the world. Top golfers often earn several times of prize money from endorsements & golf related business interests ...more on corporate golf coming soon
Golf is relaxing as well as a testing sport. It is the only game where you are competing against the course and, more importantly, against yourself. Your competitors' performance doesn't affect you. And to top it all, it is a self-governed game, demanding the highest of self-discipline. Golf is a game in which the player attempts to propel a small, resilient ball with clubs around a course, consisting of widely spaced holes, in regular progression and with the smallest number of strokes.

Indian golfers led by Jeev Milkha Singh are keeping the Indian flag flying in the international golf...read more

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TOP 10 GOLFERS (June 2007)
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Professional golf is organized into a number of regional "tours", each of which stages a sequence of weekly tournaments. There are at least twenty professional golf tours, each run by a PGA (or an independent tour organisation) which is responsible for arranging events, finding sponsors, and regulating the tour. The larger tours have a tournament almost every week during the season, which lasts for most of the year ...coming soon

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Golfers who are just starting out sometimes aren't sure. This game is full of technical jargon. Here we try to help beginners understand various golf terms and basics of the game
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India offers a variety of choices for golfers.
The Royal Calcutta Golf Club is the oldest golf course outside the British Isles. For top 10 courses in India and a list of major courses ...click here

If Cricket is called the game of gentlemen,
Golf is game of etiquette.
To mention few of the most followed ones
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A collection of books for the
individuals interested in 
reading more about the sport
and its sporting legends...read more

" Golf! You hit down to make the ball go up. You swing left and the ball goes right. The lowest score wins. And on top of that, the winner buys the drinks."- Unknown

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