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Honor: The side entitled to play first from the teeing ground is said to have the "honor."

Line of Play: The "line of play" is the direction which the player wishes his ball to take after a stroke, plus a reasonable distance on either side of the intended direction. The line of play extends vertically upwards from the ground, but does not extend beyond the hole.

Line of Putt: The "line of putt" is the line which the player wishes his ball to take after a stroke on the putting green. Except with respect to Rule 16-1e, the line of putt includes a reasonable distance on either side of the intended line. The line of putt does not extend beyond the hole.

Marker: A "marker" is one who is appointed by the Committee to record a competitor's score in stroke play. He may be a fellow-competitor. He is not a referee.

Net score: Your score at the end of the round after deducting your handicap. If you are a 24-handicap player and complete a round in 97 then your net score is 73.

Nineteenth hole: The common expression for the clubhouse bar!

Par: The par of a hole is the number of shots a good golfer would be expected to take to complete the hole. The par of each hole is decided by its length alone and not by its difficulty. The following lengths are used to define the par of a hole in Britain:
Par-3: Under 251yd (229m).
Par-4: 251yd (229m) to 475yd (434m).
Par-5: 476yd (435m) and over.

Pin high: If a ball lands on the green adjacent to the flag, but to the right or left of it, it is said to be pin high.

Pitch: A shot played, normally with a wedge, when close to the green.

Putting:The art of hitting the ball on the green with the putter is known as putting.

Penalty Stroke: A "penalty stroke" is one added to the score of a player or side under certain Rules. In a threesome or foursome, penalty strokes do not affect the order of play.

Round: A round of golf normally consists of eighteen holes which must be played in the correct numerical sequence.

Run: After a ball finishes bouncing it will run on a for a while before coming to rest. This is known as the run of the ball.

Teeing Ground: Tee off within two club-lengths behind the front edges of the tee-markers. If you tee off outside this area, in match play there is no penalty but your opponent may require you to replay the stroke. In stroke play you incur a two-stroke penalty and must then play from within the proper area.

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