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Banks to have five business segments for the purpose of reporting

To enhance disclosures and as the segment of ‘other banking business’ is very broad, RBI has decided to divide this segment into the following three categories viz. Corporate/ Wholesale Banking, Retail Banking and Other Banking Operations. Accordingly, banks will adopt the following business segments for public reporting purposes, from September 30, 2007.

(a) Treasury,

(b) Corporate / wholesale banking, (new)

(c) Retail banking, (new)

(d) Other banking operations, and

(e) Residual operations.

The geographical segments will remain unchanged as ‘domestic’ and ‘international’.

Retail Banking’ under segment reporting will comprise all exposures to individual person, including proprietorship concerns, subject to a limit of Rs. one crore. All advances to individuals above Rs. one crore would be grouped under ‘ Other Banking Operations’. Wholesale banking would include all exposure to partnership firms, trusts, companies and government entities/statutory bodies. All other banking transactions not covered under (b) and (c) above will be shown under ‘Other Banking Operations’.

Presently banks are required to adopt the three business segments viz. ‘Treasury’, ‘Other banking business’ and ‘Residual’ as the uniform business segments and ‘Domestic’ and ‘International’ as the uniform geographic segments for the purpose of segment reporting.

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