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Indian Budget 2009-10- Full Text- July 06, 2009


74. The Budget Estimates 2009-10 provide for a total expenditure of Rs.10,20,838 crore consisting of Rs.6,95,689 crore towards Non Plan and Rs.3,25,149 crore towards Plan expenditure. The increase in Non Plan expenditure over BE 2008-09 is 37% whereas the increase in Plan expenditure is 34%. The total increase in expenditure in 2009-10 over BE 2008-09 is 36%.

75. The increase in Non Plan expenditure is mainly on account of the implementation of the Sixth Central Pay Commission recommendations, increased food subsidy and higher interest payment arising out of the larger fiscal deficit in 2008-09. Interest payments are estimated at Rs.2,25,511 crore constituting about 36% of Non Plan revenue expenditure in BE 2009-10. The total provision for subsidies are up from Rs.71,431 crore in BE 2008-09 to Rs.1,11,276 crore in BE 2009-10. The outlay on Defence has gone up from Rs.1,05,600 crore in BE 2008-09 to Rs.1,41,703 crore in BE 2009-10.

76. Honourable Members may recall that while presenting the Interim Budget 2009-10, I had stated that the Plan expenditure for 2009-10 may have to be increased further as a part of counter-cyclical measures to minimise the impact of global recession and economic slowdown. Against the backdrop of limited fiscal space because of reduction in CENVAT and Service Tax rates, Government have taken a conscious and bold decision to enhance the Gross Budgetary Support (GBS) for the Annual Plan 2009-10 by Rs.40,000 crore over Interim Budget 2009-10. Bulk of this enhanced GBS is directed towards public investment in infrastructure with special emphasis on rural infrastructure, raising growth potential and leading to income generation. Besides, the State Governments will be permitted to borrow additional 0.5% of their GSDP by relaxing the fiscal deficit target under FRBM from 3.5% to 4% of their GSDP. This will enable the State Governments to raise additional open market loans of about Rs.21,000 crore in the current year. In other words, the total additionality in Plan expenditure by Centre and the States put together would be Rs.61,000 crore over Interim Budget. I do believe that this fiscal expansion will go a long way in reversing the impact of economic slowdown and accelerate our growth revival in the medium term.

77. Madam Speaker, given the possibility of the economic downturn persisting in the current year, the gross tax receipts are budgeted at Rs.6,41,079 crore in BE 2009-10, compared to Rs.6,87,715 crore in BE 2008-09. The non tax revenue receipts are, however, likely to be better and are estimated at Rs.1,40,279 crore in BE 2009-10 compared to Rs.95,785 crore in BE 2008-09. The revenue deficit as a percentage of GDP is projected at 4.8% compared to 1% in BE 2008-09 and 4.6% as per provisional accounts of 2008-09. The fiscal deficit as a percentage of GDP is projected at 6.8% compared to 2.5% in BE 2008-09 and 6.2% as per provisional accounts 2008-09. This level of deficit is a matter of concern and Government will address this issue in right earnest to come back to the path of fiscal consolidation at the earliest.

78. Madam Speaker, before I turn to my tax proposals, I cannot resist the temptation of re-visiting Kautilya. He said and I quote, “Just as one plucks fruits from a garden as they ripen, so shall a King have revenue collected as it becomes due. Just as one does not collect unripe fruits, he shall avoid taking wealth that is not due because that will make the people angry and spoil the very sources of revenue.”

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