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Statement by Dr.Bimal Jalan, Governor, Reserve Bank of India (October 10, 2000) on Mid-Term Review of Monetary and Credit Policy for the year 2000-2001
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The Statement on Mid-Term Review of Monetary and Credit Policy consists of three parts:

I. Mid-Term Review of Macro-economic and Monetary Developments in 2000-01;

II. Stance of Monetary Policy for the second half of 2000-01;

III. Financial Sector Reforms and Monetary Policy Measures.

Click here to read AnnexureI for :
Summary of Guidelines for Issue of Commercial Paper (CP)

Click here to read AnnexureII for:
Summary of Guidelines on Categorisation & Valuation of Banks'Investments

Click here to read AnnexureIII for:
Guidelines on Bank Financing of Equities and Investments in Shares

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