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Global Lendings

The funding avenues potentially open to a borrower in the global capital markets can be categorised as follows:

(A) Bonds

  1. Straight Bonds

  2. Floating Rate Notes(FRNs)

  3. Zero-coupon and deep discount bonds

  4. Bonds with a variety of option features embedded in them.

(B) Syndicated credits
These are bank loans, usually at floating rate of interest, arranged by one or more lead managers (banks) with one or more other banks participating in the loan. A number of variations on the basic theme are possible.Also read about ECBs-External Commercial Borrowings Click here .

(C) Medium-Term Notes (MTNs)

(D) Committed Underwritten Facilities

In addition to these, export related credit mechanisms such as buyers' and suppliers' credits, general purpose lines of credit, forfaiting are other sources of Medium-to-long-term funding.

(E) Project Finance:

While it uses one or more of the funding instruments mentioned above, its novelty lies in the way the financing package is put together. Now it has become a highly specialised field.


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