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Internet Banking - Abbreviations


ANSI      American National Standards Institute

ASCII      American Standard Code for Information Interchange

ATM       Asynchronous Transfer Mode

CERT      Computer Emergency Response Team

DBA      Database Administrator

DES       Data Encryption Standard

EDI       Electronic Data Interchange

FTP       File Transfer Protocol

GUI       Graphical User Interface

HTML      Hypertext Markup Language

HTTP      Hypertext Transfer Protocol

IC Card     Integrated Circuit Card

ISDN     Integrated Services Digital Network

ISO/OSI     International Organization for Standardization/Open Systems Interconnection

ISP       Internet Service Provider

LAN       Local Area Network

NIST      National Institute for Standards and Technology

FIPS     Federal Information Processing Standards

OSP       Online Service Providers

PIN       Personal Identification Number

POS       Point of Sale

SET       Secure Electronic Transaction

SHTTP     Secure Hypertext Transfer Protocol

SSL       Secure Socket Layer

SMTP      Simple Mail Transfer Protocol

SQL       Structured Query Language

TCP/IP     Transmission Control Protocol/Internet Protocol

URL       Uniform Resource Locator or Universal Resource Locator

WAN       Wide Area Network

web, www     World Wide Web

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