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Full Statement by Dr. Bimal Jalan, Governor, Reserve Bank of India on Mid-term Review of Monetary and Credit Policy for 1999-2000)

Introduction :

As in the previous year, this Statement on Mid-term Review of Monetary and Credit Policy consists of three parts:

  1. Mid-term Review of Macro-economic and Monetary Developments in 1999-2000.

  2. Stance of Monetary Policy for the second half of 1999-2000.

  3. Financial Sector Reforms and Monetary Policy Measures.

The mid-term assessment of macro-economic developments is in line with the earlier projections and, by and large, it is proposed to continue with the direction and thrust of policy measures announced in April 1999 for the rest of the year. The stance of monetary policy for the second half of 1999-2000 would also remain broadly the same as in the first half.

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