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Corporate Cash Management to benefit from Electronic Payments

The new electronic payment products and services offer the corporate clients an improved bottom line by helping manage cash requirements. It helps corporate to make the best use of their funds and provides an effective means of managing their financial requirements.

Several of the trends in cash flow forecasting favor the use of electronic payment products like RTGS, Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) and card payments. Improved technology and systems integration makes it more attractive to use electronic payment products because these methods of payment can be incorporated into firm-wide computing systems.

The new forecasting techniques also suggest use of electronic payments, because they offer disaggregated revenue and spending data that can easily be categorized and studied.

Electronic payments and cards provide control over incoming funds, and allow companies to limit access to these funds to authorized parties. In addition, limiting corporate purchases to electronic payments makes it easier for firms to monitor cash outflows and prevent unauthorized expenditures, because these payments are easier to document and provide an audit trail.

From the perspective of a Corporate, the electronic payment systems ensure speed and security of the transaction processing chain, from verification and authorisation to clearing and settlement. Also it gives a great deal of freedom from more costly labor, materials, and accounting services that are required in paper-based processing, better management of cash flow, inventory, and financial planning due to swift bank payments.

Banknet Fourth Annual Conference on Payment Systems in Mumbai, India on 16 January 2008will discuss on topics like: How innovations in the payments world could shape cash management, How can banks and corporate facilitate one another's business, Linking of electronic payment systems like RTGS, EFT, NEFT, SWIFT etc in cash management etc. Banknet will also release results of “Bank Customer Survey on Payment Systems” at the conference.

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