Top Stories- January 2007

It is time to strengthen India's educated workforce and fix infrastructure, according to Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu...Read more

The President, Dr. A.P.J. Abdul Kalam in his address to the Nation, asked Financial Sector to reach the unreached...Read more

Regional Rural Banks (RRBs) are showing considerable improvement in their performance...Read more

IMF has commended the authorities on India's continued outstanding economic performance...Read more

Joint India-IMF Training Program (ITP) will provide policy-oriented training in economics and related operational fields...Read more

Lehman Brothers to undertake the activities of Primary Dealer in the Indian Government Securities Market...Read more

World Bank and CPSS have issued a report on General principles for international remittance services...Read more

The Central government will allow 5% investment of the new pension scheme corpus in stocks...Read more

ICICI Bank Profit after tax for Q3-2007 has increased 42% to Rs. 910 crore...Read more

Reserve Bank has permitted the City of London Corporation to set up an office in Mumbai...Read more

Ministry of Agriculture has signed MOU with RBI with regard to Multi State Urban Co-operative Banks...Read more

The Bank of Japan, kept benchmark overnight borrowing rate unchanged at 0.25 percent...Read more

The general insurance industry has recorded a 24.1% increase in premium collection in the first eight months of the fiscal...Read more

RBI draft guidelines propose revised categories of priority sector, for lending by scheduled commercial banks...Read more

The government has decided to promulgate an ordinance to remove the floor limit on SLR (25% currently)...Read more

RBI ask banks to maintain 50 percent margin for exposure in commodity markets...Read more

IRDA has issued guidelines for setting up representative/liaison offices abroad...Read more

Inaugural Address by Shri M V Nair, CMD, Union Bank of India at Banknet India Conference on 10th Jan 2007...Read more

Banknet India Third Annual Conference on Payment Systems in Banks on 10th January 2007...Read more

RBI advise banks, to put in place a system/procedure for realistic valuation of fixed assets...Read more

First time the users of internet banking exceeded those using telephone banking in UK, according to APACS...Read more

Irda has warned the insurance companies, which are closing their branches arbitrarily...Read more

Indian top CEOs and CMDs, feel that the growing Indian economy is not overheated...Read more

Majority of Indian professionals in ABB survey, expect the share markets to remain robust in 2007...Read more

ECB, NRI deposits and short term debt increases Indian external debt...Read more

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