Press Release - Banknet Group announces a gamut of Branding Opportunities for corporates

MUMBAI: Feb 04,2015 :- Banknet Group along with its associate group companies command a mammoth reach of more than 3,00,000 audience, including Social media network of more than 1,00,000. We have a strong and well-built presence on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google + & YouTube and receive millions of views as web traffic across our websites.

With strong presence both offline & online, Banknet Group can act as the perfect vehicle to deliver your message of promotion for your product and services to your set of targeted and relevant clients.

According to Mr. Anurag Khanna, Group Chairman & MD, "We have earlier restricted branding options to our conferences. But now we have decided to open up Branding and Advertising opportunities to Corporate's on our various platforms across our group."

Why choose Banknet Group?

# Banknet group provides focused visibility & branding in Banking, Finance, IT, Insurance & Media sector.

# We have various customized plans to suit your specific needs of promotion & branding that will help you in getting maximum visibility.

# The high volume traffic of its websites is backed by a strong social media network of professionals from the relevant industry.

# Ever increasing offline network through regular events which cater to the requirements of the top decision makers from BFSI & Media industry.

Through its amazing offline & online network, Banknet Group can help in spreading your message faster to the significant target audience at an affordable cost, convert them into leads and increase your client base visibly.

The options available include banners, digital campaigns, featured articles/stories, mailers and events. (Conferences & Networking Meets etc.)

If interested, you can get in touch with us for details at &


Banknet Group is India’s leading research, analyst and media channel with community of more than 3,00,000 worldwide with strong online & social media presence .With experience spanning more than a decade, it is associated with premier industry associations, business schools & global financial & IT community. Banknet is the #1 organizer of Banking, Financial Services and Technology Conferences in India for more than 8 years. It manages Bankers Club which includes 82% Members from Top & Senior Management Level. It has recently diversified into entertainment & retail sector.