RBI Committee on Capacity Building give recommendations for improving the efficiency of bank employees

RBI Committee has further recommended -

Setting up a Centre of Excellence for Leadership Development in banking sector

Fostering research on skill development in banking sector and evolving a monitoring framework for capacity development in banking sector

Creation of skills registry for the banking sector

The Committee said the lack of replacement talent was one of the biggest challenges, adding to address this, banks should develop an internal expert pool and allow free movement of talent within the organisation.

The report has also recommended six-steps strategy for skill development; coaching or mentoring process for entry- level employees; top management training and supervisory focus on human resource management in banks.

Committee on Capacity Building in banks and non-banks [Chairman: Shri G Gopalakrishna, former Executive Director, RBI] was constituted by the Reserve Bank with the objective of implementing non-legislative recommendations of the Financial Sector Legislative Reforms Commission (FSLRC) relating to capacity building in banks and non-banks, streamlining training intervention and suggesting changes thereto in view of ever increasing challenges in banking and non-banking sectors.

The objectives also included evolving an appropriate certification mechanism in the realm of training, where feasible, examining possible incentives for undertaking such certification and covering all stages of hierarchy-from the lowest rung to the Board level executives.