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Bank call centres also to register as Telemarketers-National Do Not Call Registry

Reserve Bank in notification dated July 1, 2006 addressed to all Scheduled Commercial Banks/NBFCs had provided instructions regarding maintenance of Do Not Call Registry by all credit card issuing banks in order to tackle the complaints relating to unsolicited commercial communications (UCC) being received by customers/non-customers as part of the telemarketing efforts of banks and with a view to protecting the right to privacy of the members of the public.

Further on July 3, 2007 RBI advised banks (i) not to engage Telemarketers (DSAs/DMAs) who do not have any valid registration certificate from DoT, Govt of India, as telemarketers, (ii) to furnish the list of Telemarketers (DSAs/DMAs) engaged by them along with the registered telephone numbers being used by them for making telemarketing calls to IBA to enable IBA to forward the same to TRAI and (iii) to ensure that all Telemarketers (DSAs/DMAs) presently engaged by them register themselves with DoT as telemarketers .

On a review of the matter and also keeping in view the fact that the guidelines for 'telemarketers' issued by Department of Telecommunication(DoT), Govt. of India, defines a 'telemarketer' as any person/legal entity engaged in the activity of telemarketing (transmission of any message, through telecommunication service, for the purpose of soliciting or promoting any commercial transaction in relation to goods, investments or services), it has been decided, in consultation with TRAI, that in addition to DSAs/DMAs, banks/their Call Centres, who make solicitation calls, are also required to be registered as Telemarketers with DoT.

TRAI have also clarified that banks/their Call Centres, while registering themselves as Telemarketers, will be required to give the details of the telephone numbers used for telemarketing. Banks are also advised to ensure that all DSAs/DMAs engaged by them register themselves with DoT as telemarketers at the earliest.

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