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A man goes to see the vice president of a bank to seek a loan. The VP asks, “Do you have any collateral?” “yes I have these US-64 units worth Rs 1,00,000.” “Very well, you may have a loan in any amount up to Rs 50,000.” The man asks for a Rs 100 loan. The banker is dumbfounded, but gives the man his loan. One year later, the man reappers at the banker and repays his Rs 100, plus Rs 15 interest, and collects his certificates. “Just one minute,” the banker interjected, asking, “Why did you only want to borrow Rs 100?”

The man replied” “Oh, I didn’t really want to borrow any money. I just needed a safe place to keep my certificates for a year, and they told me at the front desk that the rental on a safe deposit box was Rs 500 a year.”

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