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Army Local Golf Rules

1. Conceded Putts: With immediate effect all putts will conceded as follows----- one-star general, one foot and less;---two-star general ---two feet or less;--- three star general ---three feet; four-star general---putt to be conceded after the Tee-Off.

2. Lost Ball: when the Corps Commander (CC) is playing, the whole Corps shall be present on the Course to ensure his Ball is not lost. If it cannot be found, (which is different from being lost,) then the junior member of the four-ball is to 'find' the ball on the green, less than three feet from the pin----in which case the provisions of rule No.1 come into force.

3. Marking the Ball on the Green: Balls on the green are to be marked in the following manner ----- The balls of CC and above with a $5 US coin. When putt is conceded, the junior most player is to hand over ball, (and marker,) to the player concerned, as a mark of courtesy.

Note 1: Balls of Colonels and below are not permitted to be on the same green as the CC's, under any circumstances.

Note 2: Captain of the Course to ensure that 18 x $5 coins are to be carried by the AQ whenever the CC is playing.

4. Note: Whenever Lady Wives are on the course, the same rules will apply as per the rank of Her Highness's husband. In addition, Madame Corp Commander (MCC) is permitted two mulligans on each shot—and these can be carried forward if not utilized. Unused mulligans are to be encashed for the coins mentioned in Para 3, above. Note: Brig Adm. to ensure proper security of the strong box carrying the coins.

5. ' Good Shot Sir/ Madame' Song. This song is to be sung by the women's choir whenever either CC or MCC play a shot----or even when the ball is missed. Note: Women's Choir to be conducted by wife of senior most Battalion Commander, and to consist of Captain/ Major's wives only. Bass, Baritones and Tenors may be included if MCC so desires. (In case bass and baritones are in short supply, the services of the Indian Embassy wives may be utilized.)

Note: Any contravention of these rules will result in a two stroke (and two bullet!) penalty.

Final Note: Due to popular demand from Sister Services, these rules are being incorporated in Navy and Air Force Acts shortly.

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